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Alexander Gray

The year was 1986 pick any typical Saturday afternoon and you would find Alexander Gray catching a glimpse of Batman '66 on television.  The colorful world of Batman-inspired him to make his first comic book store visit; he was immediately enchanted and his life of reading comic books was born.  In the years following his first and many subsequent comic book store experiences, a budding passion for the Batman character developed as he was introduced to the pages of the "Dark Knight Returns", through the work of Frank Miller; a moment in time chiseled into his experience forever and one that indexed the exact beats of story he would cover in his feature film (some 25 years later) "Masterpiece: Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns".  Parlaying his newly minted delve into the tomes of great comic book literature, his next big read was “Watchmen”, a most influential comic book work, which read for him more like a novel or to be equated with the enlightenment of a semi-religious experience; he was hooked.  He quickly realized it was not a comic book per se, but instead literature that was on par with the great classics.  His young and impressionable mind was absorbing it all, and it was good!  Despite his parents urging and cajoling to get him to go outside and play in his younger years, he opted to “study” and dive headfirst into the material.  He was committed to the cause, to absorb pop culture, when it was not the “in” thing to do.  He knew in his heart that this would all mean something, someday. His passion for the work has resulted in some of the most compelling, and award-winning entertainment for DC Comics fans.

An Emmy nominated producer, Alexander brought his unique perspective on DC Comics and Comic book entertainment to the Warner Bros brand.  First as a studio Executive producer, with his years of experience through Warner Home Entertainment, to founding and leading the company Studio West Pictures, Inc. Alexander was instrumental at the start of the DC Universe animated movies, by challenging the system to include complex thought-provoking documentaries, which captured the stories and emotion that fans like him were excited to see.  From the first DC Entertainment Animated movie under his watchful eye, "Superman Doomsday" to the most current offering, the collaboration between the film studio and Alexander has lead the stride to elevated and entertaining special features for over 40 feature films in the DC Universe, as well as hundreds of other documentaries and advertising/social content pieces that have encapsulated hit shows such as HBO's "His Dark Materials", HBO's "Lovecraft Country", and HBO's "Watchmen".  With a passion for the American Western, Alexander saw great success with A&E's Longmire Television series, as he and his team brought to life the depth of the modern cowboy detective pitted against the backdrop of the open range of Wyoming. 

Being involved in Special Features since the early days, Alexander was able to gain his merits on the proving ground of "The Matrix"; with a massive box set loaded with special features content; "The Ultimate Matrix Collection" became a shining example of the possibilities which would define a great deal of documentary content for the next phase of the studio's lifecycle.  Not one to get "typecast" Alexander extended his defining documentary work into the horror genre with "Castlerock", based on the characters and world of Stephen King.  The work of Alexander Gray connects the various genres all under the scope and spirit of the hero's journey; a guide not only serving as a roadmap for a great story but a way of life that extends beyond the borders of page and screen.

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